vendredi 29 juin 2007

C'est juin?

Last night, Sylvie and I met up again after I was gone for a couple weeks. Hopefully, someday soon the entire group will get to knit/crochet together (we missed you Berry!). This time, we decided to sit outside our meeting place and knit. Since it's summer and the nights are (supposed to be) warmer, than let's enjoy some knitting outdoors!

We froze our butts off.

We were drinking tisane and zipping/buttoning up our sweaters as far as possible in order not to freeze to death. But, it's June?

I'm currently working on a present for another volunteer I work with. A scarf. I missed her birthday while I was on vacation. It's time for me to branch away from scarves. But, I have no idea where to go...

vendredi 1 juin 2007

Un cadeau pour ma mère.

Last night, was my first night with the Tricot Thé knitting group. I had a great time chatting and knitting. I did make a few mistakes that I briefly named after Sylvie (I name all my mistakes after the person who was talking to me at the time), but she quickly helped fix them so now they no longer exist. It was great to have a knitting expert nearby when I did make mistakes and couldn't figure out how I made them or how to correct them. This is a photo of a scarf I just finished today and will be giving to my mom when I see her next week while visiting the US. Sadly, the mohair in the yarn made me sneeze and I'm afraid it'll make her sneeze too. :(