lundi 4 mai 2009

Mardi 5 Mai 2009

Coucou, est ce qu'il y a des volontaires pour se rejoindre Mardi 5 Mai vers 20 h à la pizzéria Del Arte ? Au programme, un peu de tricot, de crochet, une tisane, un coca ou une bière ensembles.. et surtout papoter et partager un bon moment ensembles.. :-)

Laissez un commentaire si vous venez !

4 commentaires:

SylvChezPlum a dit…

Ce coup-ci promis j'ai rien de prévu, et je serais là (sauf imprévu, croisons les doigts) !

Ale a dit…

Hi Sylvie,
Sorry i disappeared but since i started working i'm exausted in the evenings - and sometimes i have to work as well - so unfortunately I can't manage to meet up for the time being...

Hope things will settle soon and that i'll be able to meet up with you and the other tricoteuse!


Emily a dit…

I'm staying the night at my parents tomorrow night, so I will try to run over for some knitting. I forgot about it and need to make sure it's okay for them to watch the LO for a bit. Sylvie - I'll contact you tomorrow.

quentin a dit…

Love your blog. I'm an American moving to Annecy (from Paris) this summer with husband and three children. Having a hard time finding a house to rent. Would love some scoop on schools - primaire and collège. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
Kimberly Hirsch